$68 million for a pilot program to remove a constitutional right.

$68 million for a pilot program to remove a constitutional right.

$68 million for a pilot program removing a constitutional right, and the Californian taxpayers have foot the bill. 

SB10 is going to the public for a vote November 2020, yet the government wants to shove it down our throats before the people get their say. Your fundamental right to bail and fair trial is systematically being removed. 

Secretly implemented in multiple counties across the state. SB10 (the bail bill) sets to eliminate the constitutional right to bail. 

Numerous civil rights organization have come against SB10 and its pretrial service division. For the simple reasons that is increases mass incarceration,  racial disparities, elimination of presumption of guilt. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty. Now you are guilty if the computer says so. 

Do you feel comfortable with a computer or jail employee deeming your fate and guilt? Not being released on your own recognizance would instantly sway any jury of guilt. Basic psychology states that a person seeing you come from the cells instead of the streets will subconsciously apply your guilt to your inability to be released originally by the courts. 

A computer wouldn’t understand ethical, technical, and statistical challenges. Plus who is going to push enter or delete on your file? Who ensures that protocols are followed and bias is mitigated? There is no accountability or transparency, and that alone should worry you a great deal.