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Bail Bonds Carlsbad

All Better Bail Bonds is proud to service Carlsbad from our local office and are happy to make house calls when our clients need it. Many people also find the easiest way to get your loved one out of jail is through our new E-Bail service where everything can be completed by email and the use of a smartphone.

How to get bailed out of jail in Carlsbad

If you’ve been arrested and taken into custody, immediately ask for a lawyer to represent you and defend your rights. Next, get in contact with a trusted family or friend to connect you with a bondsman to start the bail process.

A bail bonding company will ask a few simple questions: the suspect’s full name, date of birth and the city of the arrest. After receiving this information, the bondsman will provide bail money in return for a service fee.

Once an agreement has been made, he/she will go through the steps to secure your release from jail.

What documents are required

There is a shortlist of details the bondsman will need to start the bailout process. These items include:

  • Full name of the defendant
  • The jail address and its name (where the person is held)
  • Booking number assigned to the police blotter
  • All charges filed against the defendant
  • Any and all other information related to the case

This jail information can be obtained by the police and/or lawyer and given to your friend or family member. They can then submit the details to the bondsman. As soon as they receive this information, the quicker you’ll be out of jail.

Carlsbad Jail and Court Information

Located at 2560 Orion Way, Carlsbad Jail is a holding facility for the judicial district of San Diego county, as well as the Carlsbad Police department. It is a short-term facility holding inmates who are either awaiting sentence or have been sentenced to one year or less.

Others who have a year or longer-term are transferred to a federal or state prison. This process is done through either the Bureau of Prisons or California Department of Corrections. Even though the court address is located in Carlsbad, it is utilized often throughout the state.

The timeframe for transferring an inmate is undetermined. A couple of factors include bed space and either the marshals or sheriffs’ logistic timing to securely transport a prisoner.

Hire All Better Bail Bonds in Carlsbad

There are different bond agencies that can be utilized to get you out of jail. Some are located nearest jails for convenience. However, All Better Bail Bonds is a much better option.

The founder grew up with a family that worked in the bail bonds industry and he decided to start his career in it after turning 18 years old. After 20 years and utilizing crime statistics, All Better Bail Bonds has created one of the most professionally trained bail agents in the country.

They also make sure to ease your worries during the process of getting your loved one out of jail. All Better will start the process once the bond has been posted. You’ll be taught not only how to get your loved one out of jail but also how to keep them from coming back.