Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach is the southernmost city in all of California. On the border of Mexico Imperial Beach is closer to downtown Tijuana than downtown San Diego. Imperial Beach will always have a fond place in our owners’ heart as he spent his early grammar years living in this local beach community. Imperial beach is where he learned to fish and will never forget the first fish he ever caught right off the Silver Strand. Imperial Beach has 4 miles of sandy beach and some of the best surfing spots in San Diego county including the Boca Rio beach break which is known as the second-best surf spot next to Blacks Beach. To memorialize the cities surfing heritage Imperial Beach has the only outdoor surfboard museum. This museum consists of 25 unique surfboard shapes that are build right on the city sidewalks starting at 3rd street and taking you all the way to the beach. Imperial Beach is also the host for an annual, national sandcastle carving event every summer that draws crowds by the tens of thousands.

Bail Bonds Imperial Beach

All Better Bail Bonds is proud to service Imperial Beach from our local office and are happy to make house calls when our clients need it. Many people also find the easiest way to get your loved one out of jail is through our new E-Bail service where everything can be completed by email and the use of a smart phone.