Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove’s name was set in stone when the local newspaper The Union Tribune back in 1894 referred to it in an article as “a sea of lemon trees”. Lemon Grove is home to “The World’s Biggest Lemon”. This 3,000-pound lemon sits at the heart of the city on the corner of Broadway and Lemon Grove Ave. The lemon was originally constructed to honor the town’s first Miss Lemon Grove in 1928. The city of Lemon grove is a small east county community that works with many local businesses to help provide free entertainment to its community. Most notably every summer the city of Lemon Grove hosts summer “Concerts in the Park”. These concerts are held every Thursday evening while children are on summer vacation.

Bail Bonds Lemon Grove

All Better Bail Bonds is proud to service Lemon Grove from our local office and are happy to make house calls when our clients need it. Many people also find the easiest way to get your loved one out of jail is through our new E-Bail service where everything can be completed by email and the use of a smartphone.