San Diego

A little-known fact about San Diego is that San Diego is the first site of the west coast of the United States to be discovered by European explores. San Diego was first visited and claimed by Spain back in 1542 and has been referred to as “The Birthplace of California”. San Diego is one of the top ten most populated cities in the United States with a population exceeding 1.5 million. The city of San Diego is the economic heart of the county; driven by military & defense, tourism and manufacturing. San Diego city is also home of one the country’s leading biotech research departments through UCSD and the UCSD Medical Center. Despite the downtown metropolitan climate year after year the city of San Diego is ranked one of the safest cities in the United States with the lowest murder rate of the top ten cities. Although it is one of the safest cities it is a very large city and has dozens of arrests every day. Many of these arrests are mild mannered crime if you will and these people need to be home with their families so they can make it to work the next day. All Better Bail Bonds is proud to service San Diego from our main office located in the heart of the downtown area; but we are still happy to make house calls when our clients need it. Many people also find the easiest way to get your loved one out of jail is through our new E-Bail service where everything can be completed by email and the use of a smart phone.