Chula Vista Jail

The Chula Vista Police Department is the only police department in San Diego County to operate its own city jail. The Chula Vista jail is located at 315 Fourth St. Chula Vista CA. The Chula Vista jail is the smallest booking facility in San Diego County with an inmate capacity of only 50. The Chula Vista jail will book and access local arrestees so it can be determined if they will be release on their own recognizance, allowed to bail, or be held without bail. If bail is set for an arrestee in the Chula Vista Jail, they will be given time to make arrangement to post bail while at the jail. If bail is not posted and the inmate is not released on their own recognizance, they will be transferred to one of the main detention facilities in San Diego County. Due to the size of the facility the Chula Vista Jail has one of the fastest release times of any facility in the county. If you find out, you have a loved one at the Chula Vista jail one call to All Better Bail Bonds could have them released in a matter of minutes to just a couple hours. The staff of All Better Bail Bonds has serviced this facility for over 20 years and seen release times as short as 15 minutes after a bond is posted depending on how busy they are.