Las Colinas Detention Facility

The Las Colinas Detention Facility is the newest jail in San Diego county located at 451 Riverview Parkway in Santee Ca. This facility was opened 2014 and replaced the “old” Las Colinas Detention Facility that was originally built in 1967. Then “new” Las Colinas Detention Facility was built to expand housing capacity by nearly 30% with a total housing capacity of 1,270. Along with the expanded housing capacity this facility offers the latest and best medical and psychiatric help that can be found in the jail systems. New technology has also been introduced with the implementation of a full body scanner specifically designed to detect and prevent drugs and contraband from entering the jail. The new Las Colinas Detention Facility is also testing new operational philosophies, the latest being an “Open Booking” process. Prior to this change inmates would be shuffled from cell to cell as they completed each step required by the booking process. The shuffling of inmates is a very time consuming and labor-intensive process that requires a staff member to assist with every step. The new “Open Booking” process has most new inmate brought to an open seating room where they are called on by different examiners to complete each stage of the booking process. In between each step they will return to the open seating area where they will have access to phones and restrooms. Inmates booked on the most serious offences and/or violent crimes will not participate in the Open Booking process. All these new upgrades and updates did not come without a hefty price, this new 45-acre facility was a staggering $268 million dollars! All Better Bail Bonds regularly visits the Las Colinas Detention Facility to interview inmates located at the facility. All Better Bail Bonds is very familiar with all the new implementations and has the knowledge and expertise to have inmates released from this facility as fast as possible. All Better Bail Bonds is also available to meet any clients who would like firsthand and personal assistance with the release process.