San Diego Central

If you are a man arrested in San Diego County you will most likely be taken to the main downtown central jail located at 1173 Front Street. San Diego Central Jail is the largest intake facility in the county processing nearly 70,000 arrests every year. San Diego Central Jail was built 20 years ago and is still the largest construction project the city of San Diego has ever completed. While the San Diego Central Jail processes the most arrests in the county it is somewhat of a revolving door with only 944 beds for inmates. Most fresh arrests never make it past the main booking floor and either bail out or are let out on their own recognizance. If your arrest charges do not allow for you to be released on your own recognizance and you do not arrange to be bailed out, you will likely be transferred to another facility in the first 36 hours after your arrest while you await your court hearing. Due to the limited beds at the San Diego Central Jail these are primarily reserved for inmates with medical challenges and psychiatric needs as well as those going to court the same day. The main entrance to the San Diego Central Jail is open to the public to acquire information about an arrestee or schedule a visit with someone being housed here. If a loved one is arrested with personal property needed before they are released, you can come to the main entrance of the jail and complete and inmate property release form. Often if someone is arrested while driving, they will be in possession of the only keys to the family vehicle and a family member is in need of picking these up asap. All Better Bail Bonds is located near the jail and is available to visit any inmate at any time. If you have someone you need to reach inside only bail agents and attorneys will be allowed to visit before their first court date. If you need to speak to or just pass a message to someone in jail let All Better Bail Bonds be your private messenger, give us a call and we’ll make all the arrangements.