Vista Detention Facility

The Vista Detention Facility first opened in 1978 and serves as the main jail and first stop for men and women arrested in northern San Diego County. The Vista Detention Facility is located at 325 S. Melrose Dr. in the center of the North County Regional Center complex. The Vista Detention Facility has a housing capacity of 825 but is still able to process more than 20,000 new arrests every year. The Vista Detention Facility is a full-service jail that can provide many medical, psychiatric and dental needs on location. As a result, the Vista Detention Facility primarily houses special needs inmates who are need of these services or are awaiting their court hearing in the very near future. Inmates serving sentences or with court cases going to trial will usually be transferred from the Vista Detention Facility to one of the other jails in the county. While this is the first stop for women who are arrested in north county, any who do not bail out will be transferred to Las Colinas for housing. The Vista Detention Facility is also the only jail in the San Diego jail system that has a dedicated housing unit for veterans of the armed forces who find themselves in custody. The “Veterans Moving Forward Program” is a voluntary unit that veterans can apply for where they will receive specialized help from VA Social Workers and Correctional Counselors to reacclimate themselves when out of jail and reduce recidivism. The Vista Detention Facility is not open to the general public 24 hours a day but is open 24 hours a day to accept bail bonds and release inmates. All Better Bail Bonds is conveniently located near the Vista Detention Facility and available to post bail 24/7/365. All Better Bail Bonds has been servicing the Vista Detention Facility for over 20 years and is available around the clock to help assist with any questions you might have about this jail, their book and release process and what is needed to bail an inmate out.