Sean is a director on San Diego Bail Association

Sean is a director on San Diego Bail Association

 I decided to sit down and interview my husband to get his take on what he will bring to the association, and have a little fun with him.Here is our Q&A session. 

Q. The votes are in, you are the newest member of the San Diego Bail Association, how does that make you feel?

A. Vindicated, relieved that I’m not the only person who felt a change was needed. 

Q. If you could be any animal which would it be?

A.  Bald eagle.  

Q. What prompted you to run for the association? 

A. I thought the industry needed someone who would be available. And I felt there was some gaps that I could help fill. 

Q. What’s one bucket list item? 

A. Walk the Great Wall of China. 

Q. I would say you are a very skilled person, and that’s not just my bias. Which of your skills will you use that can benefit the association and San Diego Bail Agents?

A.  My skills of organization, and punctuality.  I’m really good at recognizing a need and fixing it. 

Q. What’s you ideal vacation?

A.  See Egyptian pyramids.  

Q. What does the future of bail look like to you?

A.  It’s exciting because it’s unknown. 

Q. What is your favorite condiment? 

A. Awesome sauce, Hurley’s mustard and Valentina mixture. 

Q. Whats your 5 year plan?

A. To be one of the top agencies in California. 

Q. What are you getting your wife for Christmas?

A.  I don’t know, anything I bought in the month of December counts as a Christmas present.